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Websites these days are made to look too fancy. They don't need to be fancy, what they need is you. Unlike on social media, you have the full attention of your customers when they're on your website. Why waste bandwidth on stock photos and flashy animations? Nothing Fancy Websites are everything simple, and nothing fancy. Search Engine Optimization ("SEO") for Google, Bing and other search engines is built-in. If what you're selling is simply worth buying, then a Nothing Fancy Website is for you.


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Client Results

between my hard work and your hard work, that's how we got here... you getting me on Google with the website... has taken me from when we ended with 27 accounts last year... and we're at 64 now... — Owner, High Class Grass and Yard Care

...we've been very happy with Nothing Fancy Website we've had since early 2020! It's helped new customers discover us online, and helped regular customers order food consistently through the site! Thanks Winners Webs! — Nick's Village Pizza

Your Website

Your website will be built using 3 things: text, photos and links. The text will represent your business in a professional tone, we'll quote the best reviews of your business found online and if you'd like we will quote you too. The photos are of your choosing, up to 14 per page. The links will include contact information and other places you're found on the web like social media plus review sites like Yelp; furthermore we'll link from your site to the websites of products and services trusted by your business.

The Design Process

First we'll interview you over the phone, gathering the information needed to design your website, and by the interview's end we'll have together determined the amount of pages your website will be. Next we will be patiently waiting for you to complete the upfront payment, as well as send the photos to be used on your website. After those two points and finally when the design is finished, typically within one week, you'll receive a behind-the-scenes link for you to preview.

The Ongoing Process


For every year you own a Nothing Fancy Website, we'll make two minor updates at no cost, upon your request. Minor updates include changing a photo, a phone number, or business hours. Major updates including page additions, changes to multiple photos, and revisions to products/services are subject to additional costs. Please email us for updates.


Winners Webs LLC, the provider of Nothing Fancy Websites, strives to provide a service that's client-focused, so we'll reach out with a brief phone call every passing year that you own a Nothing Fancy Website. Of course we hope to hear that you're beyond satisfied with our products and services, but if it's anything otherwise, we're all ears.

Standard Fees

  • 1 page = $4000 design + $60 monthly
  • 3 pages = $5000 design + $70 monthly
  • 4 pages = $6000 design + $80 monthly
  • 5 pages = $7000 design + $90 monthly

Additional pages of quality content often result in an increase of traffic from search engines. All Nothing Fancy Websites clients are required to utilize professional photography services, additionally. Design charges are required upfront and monthly keeps your site live on the web, no annual commitments. Upgrades and updates all additional.

Client Satisfaction

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Search results. Words, images, video and other content are labels that people use to find what they're looking for when using Google.
Fees are priced on the basis of followers totaled across social media platforms. Entities with a total number of followers greater than 20,000 across all social media platforms are subjected to higher monthly maintenance rates to handle additional website traffic.
Nothing Fancy Websites are best fit for entities that have either a physical location which customers can visit, or that provide a mobile service which travels to customers. Any sort of professional entity including businesses, nonprofits and sole proprietors can have one. The organization/individual(s) associated with a Nothing Fancy Website is referred to within agreements as its "Entity".
We'll make a new one for you. After completing the phone interview and payment, your behind-the-scenes design will be viewable on our website so that yours stays online during the process. Then all that's needed to make your new website live is a simple modification to your "nameserver" records, for which we'll send instructions. We will not use other existing systems to redesign your website, so there's no need to grant us login access to anything.
Search Engine Optimization for Google, Bing and other providers is built-in. Although we do not make guarantees regarding search engine rankings, Nothing Fancy Websites are often the first result for searches exactly matching business names, and do well for local searches (like "electrician near me").
Google Cloud Platform is used for domain name registration and web server provisioning. Websites load fast for many reasons including our selection of the Google data center that's geographically closest to your website visitors. Your site will look great across devices of sizes ranging computers, tablets and phones, as well as web browsers including Chrome, Safari, Edge, and even Internet Explorer.
To provide more value to your customers by offering additional information about the benefits of choosing your business. For example, our client featured above High Class Grass & Yard Care talks on their Grass & Yard Care page about the pride they take in mowers manufactured by the Wright Mowers company, and provides a link for more information.
Nothing Fancy Websites do not include design elements other than those shown on the websites of our clients, nor do they include additional functionalities such as scheduling, databases and/or account systems. If you're seeking a user experience that's something slightly more custom, please talk with us about Something Fancy Websites.
Winners Webs helps small businesses win on the web starting with Nothing Fancy Websites, Conversational Content through video chats with business owners and their employees, plus other winning design, content and branding services.


By choosing a Nothing Fancy Website, your customers simply learn why they should choose you. They'll understand the benefits to be gained from your products and services. They'll know all the places, both online and in person, where they can reach you. We bring out the best in newer businesses and help tell the stories of businesses more established, it's your time to shine, so call 307-757-5617open in icon during business hoursbusiness hours icon or send an email to nothingfancy@winnerswebs.comopen in icon now!

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